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Retractable Screen Doors Calabasas

Retractable Screen Doors, Sliding "Patio" Screen Doors, Swinging Screen Doors & Security Alarm Screens. - Serving Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Oak Park CA, Westlake Village, Lake Sherwood, Hidden Hills, Hidden Valley, Thousand Oaks, North Ranch

Screen Doors Calabasas
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Retractable Screen Doors
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Screen Doors Calabasas

We Come to You - Retractable Screen Doors, our Specialty - as well as Security Alarm Screens

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(805) 416-6296

Retractable Screen Doors
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Call us:  (805) 416-6296

Since 1995, we have provided our customers with high quality screening products at extremely competitive prices.  We value your business, as a happy customer is good for you as well as our business via referrals.

We sell and install three (3) different types of Screen Doors, outlined below, in a variety of colors and styles.  We advise choosing colors and styles to blend in nicely with your home.  All of our Screen Doors are extremely high quality & affordable.

Please view pictures of our Screen Doors by clicking on the Tabs on the upper left side of this site, or click on the links below.

Three (3) Types of Screen Doors we offer:

1.)  Retractable Screen Doors -  these doors virtually disappear when not in use, and can be installed on all types of door openings, including "Patio" Screen Door openings, and are the perfect choice for difficult door openings where no other type of Screen Door can be installed.  These screen doors are also known as Hidden Screen Doors, or, Disappearing Screen Doors.
We sell and install the only Retractable Screen Door that uses a latch & release handle, which is much easier to operate than the Retractable Screens that use the magnet system.  
A wide variety of colors are available, and these high quality Canadian engineered doors are built to last and come with a limited lifetime warranty.  These doors come with a high quality powder coat paint finish that will not crack or peel.

2.)  Sliding "Patio" Screen Doors- these doors are very durable as they are made with thick heavy duty metal framing available in a variety of colors.  These doors slide smoothly & effortlessly due to the specially coated steel ball bearing rollers.  The metal handle matches the color of the framing and the locking mechanism is strong and long lasting.  These doors come with a high quality powder coat paint finish that will not crack or peel.

3.)  Swinging Screen Doors - these doors come in a variety of styles and colors, with or without decorative grillwork.  These doors are heavy duty and are built to last.  All of these doors lock from the inside.  Also available are keyed entry high security Screen Doors that come with a dead bolt locking mechanism.  These doors come with a high quality powder coat paint finish that will not crack or peel.

All of our screen doors are custom built for your particular door opening, since no two door openings are the same size.

We also build and install
  custom made Security Alarm Screens

Different types of screening mesh is also available and can be installed in any Screen Door (except for Retractable Screen Doors).

Screening Mesh we offer:

Solar Screening Mesh - as it can get quite warm in the summertime around here, solar screening can filter out up to 90% of the harsh sun's UV rays.  This product helps keep the room cooler, and protects your window treatments, rugs and furniture.  Good outward visibility.

Pet Proof Screening Mesh -  if you have pets, dogs, cats...this is the product for you.  This is the strongest mesh available, and will effectively resist dog and cat claws for a very long time.  Good outward visibility.

Standard Screening Mesh -  works great and lasts a long time, as long as pets don't claw at it.  Great outward visibility.

Call us @  (805) 416-6296

We Come to You - Save gas and time!

We Serve:  Calabasas, Woodland Hills, Encino, Studio City, Beverly Hills, Malibu, the western San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, and other areas.